After a brief hiatus from ranting I am back.

And I am lost for words.

No, actually, I am not.

(Is that an authorised use of the word “actually” there Lorenzo?)

Just as I thought we might get through this and just have to deal with May’s assault on privacy, we’ve now got wifi-waff man representing us to the countries he wanted to leave behind, and representing us to countries whose leaders think he is insane for trying to get us to leave those other countries behind.

Putin likes him though, so that’s nice.

It just proves that May is yet another politician playing games with our country and our lives.


Now I am lost for words.

What’s next? Is Gove going to actual Prison instead of being minister of Prisons? Or is that wishful thinking?

Seriously. Farron, speak up man. Green’s, come on, step up.

BBC, telegraph, mail, channel 4 stop going after bloody ratings stop getting dickheads on your show sand start caring about the future of this country by giving a voice to some folk who make sense.

Why are we still even seeing UKIP on TV? Who is that pathetic money-bags ukip backer that keeps showing up in my viewing screen. We don’t care what he says. He need to just shut up “I can neither confirm or deny that I may or may not want to run for leadership of ukip” – seriously. Go home and spend your money on a shovel and dig a hole. Dig two, go crazy.

David Miliband… Get the hell out of Dodge and get back in the running. For crying out loud.
I can’t even
Posted July 13, 2016 at 08:33PM , on Facebook


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